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Corporate Advice (M&A)

IKEI collaborates with its clients to carry out their corporate strategies, by preserving the client’s negotiating position so that it raises the expectations and possibilities of closing the operation. IKEI’s participation in a M&A operation covers all the stages in which it is structured and provides support in complex management processes, that go beyond the company’s day-to-day dynamics and require expert knowledge.


Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

  • Purchasing companies
  • Selling companies
  • Successions
  • MBOs / LBOs / MBIs / LBIs / BIMBOs
  • Company mergers and build-up processes

Corporate finance

  • Assessment of Companies
  • Financial restructuring processes
  • Searching for new partners and Investors
  • Financing Acquisitions / Investments

Projects connected with this service

Gestionada con éxito la compraventa de una destacada compañía del sector de las telecomunicaciones

La operación se ha instrumentado por medio de un management buy out (MBO) conformado por su equipo directivo junto con DINAMIA Capital Privado S.C.R. y el fondo NMAS1 Private Equity Fund LP.


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