IKEI supports EIKA S. Coop (Mondragon Corporation), in the entry into the capital of Smart Comfort, situated in Navarra.

With a wide range of experience in the management of Corporate Development operations, IKEI has assisted the cooperative from Vizcaya EIKA, which belongs to the Components Division of the Mondragon Corporation, in the negotiation and closing of the operation.

With the purchase of 20% of the capital of the Navarre-based company, EIKA, world leader in the market of the electrical components of the cooking column at home, and a model in the components sector of the industry of household appliance at a global level, enters fully into the heating business through other technologies in new applications (“Smart Heating”).

In opinion of their promoters, the numerous existing technological synergies between Smart Confort (under its lines of business AVIR And Nawattia) and EIKA will boost the development of new and innovative far infrared heating solutions which, in turn, will facilitate the achievement of new customers and market opportunities, as well as having the ability to face them with the guarantees required by the market.

During the last few years, EIKA has developed an alliance and acquisition policy, defining this investment operation in the corporate strategy of Mondragon Corporation, focalized in the activation of undertaking abilities and in the promotion of new business among its cooperatives.