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Xabier Gil

Managing Partner

Xabier Gil has a degree in Economics and Business Studies from the University of Deusto. He has a Diploma in General Management from the Buckinghamshire College of Higher Education in the United Kingdom and a Master's Degree in Strategic Management and Planning; EFA (European Financial Advisor) from UNED.

Since he joined IKEI in 1990, with over 25 years of experience, as an External Advisor he has been involved in more than 100 successful strategic and business analysis and planning processes for companies from various industrial and service sectors, in restructuring, corporate finance and corporate development  operations (feasibility plans and refinancing, IBRs, financial restructuring, business restructuring, acquisition and sale of businesses, MBOs, internationalisation and overseas investment financing processes, business mergers and integration operations etc.), and in business organisation and management optimisation processes (definition and implementation of new organisation and management models, BSCs...). Also as an External Advisor, he has participated in the boards of directors of various companies, applying his knowledge and experience in corporate and strategic areas.

He currently combines his work in the firm’s finance department with managing the purchase and sale of companies and restructuring operations.

He is currently a Managing Partner of IKEI.