We create
sustainable competitive advantages

Our services are aimed at people who perform high-level roles in our clients' organisations.



In this regard, we aim to be an honest and reliable partner that helps our clients in the analysis, decision-making, planning and implementation of key actions for the present and future of their organisations. In other words, we create the future for our clients.

IKEI’s services are designed for public administrations and businesses, organised around the following areas of professional services:

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Our professionals are highly qualified and multidisciplinary. They combine functional competency with thematic and sectoral knowledge and have proven extensive experience in implementing projects and operations.

We are currently operating in a globalised world. Aware of this, IKEI has established links with international partners in order to offer a consulting service that incorporates local knowledge and relations.

Over the course of our 40 years in operation, we have gained references from clients in very diverse business sectors, both public and corporate.