Corporate finance

IKEI assists INEKO S. Coop in its integration in MIBA S. Coop (Mondragon Corporation)

IKEI has accompanied the cooperative from Guipuzcoa, INEKO, in the negotiation and closing of the transaction, acting as financial and legal advisor of the transaction.

With the integration of 100% of the capital of the Gipuzkoan company, INEKO brings to MIBA its experience in the manufacture of feed and the strategic position of the production plant to address, among others, the French market. With this integration, MIBA strengthens its position as a leader in the feed sector with a wide range of specialized products and consolidates the Itziar plant to take advantage of opportunities in the sector and develop specialized product lines.

The operation between INEKO and MIBA is part of a context of alliances and integrations that is developing in the sector, where the volume of production allows for competitive advantages in a market where large international companies are present.

About Ineko S. Coop.

A cooperative society with deep roots in Gipuzkoa, it serves cattle and sheep farmers by manufacturing high quality feed and supplying specific fodder, through direct supply and a network of distributors to serve small farmers.

About Miba S. Coop

It started its activity in Markina in 1963 and currently has more than 1,000 members, including livestock farmers and end consumers, to whom it provides a wide range of services and offers a complete range of products through its four centers located in Etxebarria, Markina, Igorre and Aramaiona. MIBA belongs to the Basque agri-food and services group Erkop, part of the Mondragon Corporation.