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Rafael Doria


Rafael Doria has a degree in Economics from the University of the Basque Country (1977) and completed the General Management Programme at the IESE Business School (1997).

His professional experience has been in the field of consultancy, although for a period of 10 years he combined this with management roles in institutions such as the Basque Government (Regional Trade Delegate in Alava 1987-89 and Director of Economic Studies and Methods in the Economics and Planning Dept. 1989-91), the Centre for European Studies in San Sebastian (Director 1991-1992), and the Navarra Chamber of Commerce (Managing Director 1992-1999).

He then had brief experience in the business management of a cooperative of 55 workers, engaged in the manufacture of special machinery (Managing Director of Bildu Lan 2000-2001).

He then returned to consulting at IKEI, combining it with teaching (Associate Professor in the Economics Department of the Public University of Navarra 1999-2010).

After 35 years of professional activity, it can be said that his experience comes from his knowledge of the service sector, more specifically the design of urban planning policies for the development of commerce and tourism, and from establishing strategies and programmes, promoting business and institutional cooperation frameworks aimed at developing local and regional economies. His capacity to generate collaboration networks between private and public actors and bring about changes is perhaps the ability that has been most prominent in his activity in the most recent years of his career.

He is currently an IKEI Associate.