The trust and satisfaction
of our clients




Values that set us apart

Our professional independence, expertise, knowledge and experience, pragmatism and international coverage have made us a reliable and trusted consultancy firm.

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In line with what we recommend to our clients, IKEI operates in accordance with a management excellence model, with certificates issued by AENOR and IQNET.

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We strive to achieve excellence in our solutions and client confidence.

We place importance on values and areas that we believe are essential for our team and our work: 

Professionalism and excellence
We place a high value on dedication and commitment to the customer, the quality of our work, meeting deadlines, getting results and meeting objectives, all with the aim of achieving the satisfaction of our clients.

40 years of professional experience, around 2,500 references from successfully completed projects and operations, over 600 clients who have chosen our company.

Endowed with a practical approach and constantly innovating, combined with close collaboration with the client; in IKEI we put ourselves in your shoes to understand your problem, avoiding anything that does not add real value.

International presence
IKEI is in contact with teams in over 75 countries, forming a network of over 3,800 consultants, spread over 235 offices.

Integrity, independence, confidentiality
We work with our clients in a way that is honest and according to professional ethics, always putting their interests first.
We do not belong to any business group; the firm is owned by its team of professionals and our services are free of conflicts of interests.
Our work is bound by a commitment to confidentiality, to ensure the safeguarding of the interests of our clients.


We are proud of our work and the high level of trust and satisfaction of our clients; their opinions are the finest endorsement of the values that set us apart.


Average rating of the 10 most highly valued areas of IKEI (from a total of 15) Information prepared from data entered by clients over the last 10 years.

IKEI is registered in the official registry as a category d (top rating) consultancy and services company.

In line with what we recommend to our clients, IKEI operates in accordance with a management excellence model, holding ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates issued by AENOR and IQNET. Our goal is to ensure that the different services that we provide to our clients are monitored, of an outstanding quality and with traceability at all stages. 

Furthermore, IKEI is part of, or - either directly or through the people in its team – affiliated with the following networks and associations, among others: 

> Strategic Planning Society (SPS, UK)
Strategic Management Society (SMS, USA)
> Capital & Corporate (IFAES)
> European Council for Small Business an Entrepreneurship (ECSB, Finland)
> International Council for Small Business (ICSB, USA)

All with the aim of complementing its practical experience with an international perspective in the different areas where it provides its services.


IKEI also has an active Corporative Social Responsibility policy; in this regard, and among other actions, it has an Equality and Reconciliation Plan, the Euskera Plan, and the BIKAIN Silver Certificate of Quality in Linguistic Management of Euskera.