Corporate finance

IKEI assists EIKA S. Coop (Mondragon Corporation) in the taking of shares in Stone Cooker.

IKEI has accompanied the Biscayan cooperative EIKA, which belongs to the Components Division of the Mondragon Corporation, in the negotiation and closing of the operation, acting as a financial and legal advisor.

With the purchase of 20% of the capital of the Navarre-based company, Stone Cooker will support in the experience in projects of establishment and growth of EIKA, global leader in the supply of components and integral cooking equipment systems for major multinational home appliance manufacturers, to take advantage of the opportunities in the sector and promote the development and sale of its devices, as well as to investigate the possible digital services associated with the playful cooking model.

With this operation, EIKA promotes its strategy of diversification and continues the policy of alliances and acquisitions that it has been pursuing in recent years as part of an open innovation dynamic.

In this context, EIKA has begun a close collaboration with technologists and startups that has led it to invest in unlisted small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and this year, also with the assistance of IKEI, it has materialized its entry into the capital of the Navarre-based Smart Comfort.


About EIKA

Belonging to the Components Division of the MONDRAGON Corporation, EIKA S. Coop is a world leader in electric heating components, focusing its activity on the manufacture of components and integral systems for electric cooking (hobs and ovens). Recognized by all electrical appliance manufacturers, especially in radiant heaters for glass ceramic hobs, it has sold more than 150 million units since 1995 and has a share of around 40% of the world market.

About Stone Cooker

In 2018 was set up with the idea of offering a solution to the prohibition of the use of barbecues in neighborhood communities, Stone Cooker is a Navarre start up participated by Sodena (financial instrument of the Government of Navarra for the development of the business fabric of the Foral Community, through venture capital) dedicated to the design and manufacture of the "Suiseki table", a new gastronomic and social experience. At present, its product catalogue includes different models of playful cooking tables, which have up to three direct cooking areas on electrically heated volcanic stone.